Ansberg-West is navigating the uncharted, and fluid changes thrust upon us by COVID-19. We take seriously the risks associated with gathering in groups of 10 or more. Our staff is taking appropriate and innovative steps to lessen the risk to society.
We are limiting face to face interactions, especially for those in higher-risk categories –
the elderly or those immunocompromised, while at the same time providing a service honoring the life of the deceased. 

We are working tirelessly to balance the need to say final good-byes and, at the same time, protecting the health of those left behind.
Allowing for communal grief while at the same time adhering to the guidelines of medical professionals and our
national, state, and local governments are essential.

Ansberg-West has partnered with Consoleum, LLC, a Toledo company, to create an online space for
families and friends to pay respects virtually in real-time. 

In addition to our customary in-person private service, we now provide Virtual Visitation Hours allowing for real-time personal interaction for those wishing to remember the departed and grieve with the family. We are also offering a Live Streaming Service where
family and friends can gather and not only watch the service but participate in real-time. 

We at Ansberg-West will continue to provide the highest level of service, safety, and dignity amid our ever-changing world.